PI’s Background


PI: Sajal Dhara 
Department of Physics,
IIT Kharagpur,
Kharagpur, 721302
West Bengal, India

Welcome to our webpage! here is a brief background of the PI:

  • I received my PhD in Physics under the guidance of Prof. M. M. Deshmukh and Prof. A. Bhattacharya at TIFR Mumabi. Thesis was focused on low temperature electron transport in individual nanowires which were grown by us using MOCVD. I had developed novel device fabrication techniques such as wrap-around-gate single nanowire field effect transistors. A details of the PhD work can be found in the thesis.
  • I spent a part of my postdoc years at the University of Pennsylvania with Prof. Ritesh Agarwal’s group to explore novel optical tools that are complementary to electron transport for investigating surface states that arises because of non-trivial band structures.
  • During post-doc in the group of Prof. N. Vamivakas at the Institute of Optics, University of Rochester  I had investigated dispersion properties of polaritons in two-dimensional semiconductors.

We are just starting up as a new group in the department of physics, IIT Kharagpur. To know more about some of the recent works by the PI during his PhD and postdocs please check publications.